What Fall Looks Like

What Fall Looks Like

Fall in my house is not a Pumpkin Spice Latte (coffee traditionalist, here), or a family glued to a TV for NFL football... but you can bet that in my house fall is palpable. I love this season, and I really love Halloween.

Which led me to the Skull Project:

Emily Pullin Fine Art

I saw these skulls two years ago, and the vision hit me like a bag of bones. The final product is something I leave out in my home year-round. 💀

Some of the best memories of my childhood include my mom making me homemade Halloween costumes. We would parade around the house until it was time to join our neighborhood friends on the hunt for the *FULL SIZE* candy bars. My dad was always the chaperone, and I miss him more when I am prepping to take my own kids on the candy search. 

While Christmas is always on the horizon of Halloween (and you can bet my Holiday Collection will be amazing), the red and green decor must stay on the garage shelf until the skull and pumpkin season has had its fair time in the house. 

The Skull Project is a favorite of my studio and I hope you like them as much as I do. 
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